Do X, Y And Z! Or… Just Watch TV?


Beat The Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Exciting news! Got a haircut the other day. How exciting! Thought I looked like a penguin after it. Imagine!? Put my face where the big white belly part of the penguin is… Go on the Penguin! Until I saw the Oscars last night. Realised I actually have the same haircut as Halle Berry. Kind of nice of the hairdresser. Usually I end up with a Big Bird or Ellen Degeneres look. I’ll take Halle. Anyways, as I was saying, I watched the Oscars last night. Followed by a couple episodes of Seinfeld. Too many episodes of Sex and the City. Bit of stand-up on Youtube. Then some something something. Ending with some sleep. Something something is obviously reading a book. Obviously. Fun night, to be true. Although, a bit different to last year. Last year, out galavanting, going to some Oscar parties, contemplating running off with a winner’s Oscar that someone thrust into my hands, ending the night with me getting booted off a radio station back in Ireland, when they thought my response to ‘What are you doing right now that’s really crazy?!‘ (Emm, I’m having a cup of tea) actually meant I was on drugs. Well done.

Fat Floating Toad

Thing is, lately, I do believe I might be a stagnating toad. Watching a bucket load of TV. Seinfeld. Bored to Death. Sex and the City. Modern Family. Curb. Just a big bucket of it. Eating it up. Along with books of various kinds. Writing. Stand-up. Gibber. All kinds of everything. Lapping them up too. Doing all this to improve my technique and show me how to do certain things and all that gibber. Could be true. Sounds like the truth. But actually now might be just my way of chilling in a little comfort zone I’ve made for myself. Minute one book is done, another is started. Amazon is hit up, more are ordered. Books are stacking up. And while they are obviously a mighty help, I’m not writing half as much, even three quarters as much since I started this comfort study zone. Living a monk like life. Monky style. Last stand-up show… Ages ago. Good work by me. Paddling on a lily. Squirting water into the air. Fat lazy toad.

Why all this stagnated to the max? Not too sure. I do know I’ve been in a bit of a routine. Living month to month is mighty fun and all, but sometimes it can get a bit hairy. Monethairy. Oh Jesus. Trying now to give living a month in advance a go, if possible. Still not doing that though, too busy buying books. DJing all weekend. Reading and watching all week. Same again. And again. Ah but I’m just preparing for when I go back doing X, Y and Z. Yeah but it does help to watch all these programs on TV. Two excuses I keep telling myself. Time to change it up. No more hiding. Time to start doing these things now. Hence this blogaruu. Outing myself. No more spoofing on. Thing is, rejection is a dose. Common fact. Obviously. However, I’d prefer rejection in an email than re-nothing. Seriously. Re-nothing is the worst ever. Nothing being put out there. Nothing of any sort coming back in. Some dose. Complete dope. Turning into a mope! Nay more!

Giddy Back Up You Dopey Mope!!!

Thought my trip to Vegas two weeks sparked me on too. Surprise trip. Surprising trip. Didn’t gamble. Not one penny. No interest. Played it safe. Boozed on. But that was it. Met a few designers at a fashion show. Rustled and hustled up some new DJigs. Headed back to LA. Fun trip. But sensible. (Except one awkward moment. Walking past a roulette table. Some guy asked me to ‘Blow on these’. Hope I did it right.) Surprising trip as I left Vegas pumped. Pumped? Raring to go? As opposed to being pumped full of monkeys? Left the bubble of LA and got a bit of perspective. Forget worrying about small trivial things. Time to get obsessed and possessed at what it is I want to do! Pumped to go! Can’t wait to get back to LA and then I’m going to… Just watch TV and play it safe for two weeks. Mighty dancing! Now. No more. Start with this short little blogaruu full of gibber. Carry on tomorrow. Two stand-up jigs. Time to get the vlogs back up! Blogaruus back flowing! Self motivate. Make some progress. No more of watching TV. All X, Y & Z! Monk-y off. Ape back on!!!

6 thoughts on “Do X, Y And Z! Or… Just Watch TV?

  1. Yeah, I have to agree with you, rejection is much better to take if the one doing the rejecting has the balls to actually do it instead of sticking their head in the sand. But just remember, what goes around, comes around.

    And I remember that day you got slapped by the radio station, that was MIGHTY! You need to get out on the air again. Funny stuff.

    Blogaruu on!

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