Great Intentions!


Don’t you just love the days when you wake up bright as a button, get up out of… nay, bound out of bed with a spring, hitting the ground running. Breakfast. Protein. Coffee. Straight into work. Racing through your daily objectives! Chapters flying out of your ears. Even when life and it’s duties try to annoy you and disrupt your flow, you are able to multi-task with ease. Batting them away. Done. Done. Done!  A force to be reckoned with from the word go! Don’t stop me now, Freddie Mercury would be singing if he strangely happened to be close by. No worries Fred and you can tell Elton that this train don’t stop here anymore too boss! Full steam ahead until lunch. Just a great start to the day. So great, in fact, you bizarrely reference Freddie and Elton without even intending to. It really is that great a start to the week. Monday morning has been embraced full-on! Can’t beat those kinds of days. To be true.


And then, we have the other kind of Monday morning carry on. Waking up tired. Strangely cold. In fact, really cold, for L.A. Even in Irish terms, this is a cold day. And what’s that on your window, tip tapping away at it. An old familiar friend. Back to say hello. Rain. In L.A. What? No way. Cold. Raining. I know it’s December, but still. This is not on. In fact, as you sluggishly go about getting breakfast ready, you are going to start thinking about S.A.D. First you will be happy that it is raining. Can’t leave the house. Life and it’s annoying little tasks will have to wait a day. Chores are on hold. Raining. Cold. Perfect day to stay indoors and write. Plough on with the book. Mighty stuff, weather, keep it up. Breakfast comes and goes. As you wait for the kettle to boil you realise that this weather is crap, actually. Too cold now to write. Too wet outside. Good old S.A.D. Let’s blame that. A ready made excuse. People will embrace any ambiguous illness with an acronym. O.C.D with a dash of A.D.D and now backed up with a bit of S.A.D. Dose. For. Me.

Two different kinds of way to start the day really. Not too sure which one I had this morning. I’ll let you guess on my behalf. Although, I do know that Elton did not appear at any stage. In any shape or form. Apparently though, I have an excuse for not having a great start to the day productivity wise. Well writing wise. Everything else doesn’t count to me at the moment. I’m becoming consumed. Not a great thing. Maybe a bit like Gollum and that ring he was after. Until the book is finito, I will only be lying if I say I am too bothered about most other things. Social secure a what now? Yeah, doing that tomorrow. Small necessary yet not vital at the moment tasks that would probably be done in one foul swoop of a day but you’ll hold off as long as you can to do them? Yeah, doing them tomorrow. Delay. Delay. Delay.

Gemima Jane

As I was saying though, apparently, it is not my fault. Not actually me. It’s the fact that I’m a Gemini. All those stupid things you do… yeah… they all make sense. Gemini. That’s what ye do. So I’ve been told. Easy way out. I’ve met two girls recently who seem to be big into astrology. Or at least know enough about it to kind of freak me out. Rattling off a characteristic. That I try to deny. Then quickly ask how they knew I did that. Or had those thoughts. Or acted that way. Because that’s what Gemini do! They’re Gemini’s as well, they can relate.

Reading me like a book. I’m trying to sit on my hands, or bite my tongue listening. Shaking my head to say that’s not me, I don’t do that. Ever. Stupid. Sorry. Your theory is invalid. Cracking before long. I can’t lie! How do you know?! Freaking me out! Gemini. It’s ok. In fact, it’s so ok, they have both given me excuses in the future for any behaviour or any actions. Why did I do that? Justify myself? Ehh, because I’m a gem? ‘Oh, I’m sorry, yes you are, I forgot, you’re forgiven.’ Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t mean to do it. Or want to do it. It was just the whole gemini thing. Can’t handle it. Shrug.

Danger Ahead

All in all, a day of great intentions. All in what I got done, a frustrating old day. I bought a towel? Two towels, to be exact. S.A.D, how could you?! Particularly annoying given the fact that really I need to get a whole lot of work done before Friday. For my own sake, I need to be ahead of schedule. Just in case a private jet or the likes appears over the weekend. Could be a big weekend. Or week. I am saving up my ‘No’ count just in case. My state of mind shall be more prepared and gin-less this time around.

Mighty work by me. Seeing as I wrote a blogaruu long enough I’ve decided to split it into two. Did not intend on doing that. Final embers of the day produces something. I really put my productive spurt to mighty use! Ape.

Magic Marker – Kite In The Air

2 thoughts on “Great Intentions!

  1. Hahaha, great! But: In case you’re not born already, be advised that you shouldn’t be tempted to be all crazy and decide to have two signs, because that doesn’t only imply having twice as much excuses but also triple as much problems (minimum)!! That said from a triple of which one has the head of a taurus. The gemini-like minute-by-minute changing of taurus-like firm intentions is very tiring…argh urgh wurgh…

    • Ha, I don’t think I could hack a third voice in my head twisting it another way, two is tough enough. I like the ring of Gemini as well. Gemima on!

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