Great Intentions!


Don’t you just love the days when you wake up bright as a button, get up out of… nay, bound out of bed with a spring, hitting the ground running. Breakfast. Protein. Coffee. Straight into work. Racing through your daily objectives! Chapters flying out of your ears. Even when life and it’s duties try to annoy you and disrupt your flow, you are able to multi-task with ease. Batting them away. Done. Done. Done!  A force to be reckoned with from the word go! Don’t stop me now, Freddie Mercury would be singing if he strangely happened to be close by. No worries Fred and you can tell Elton that this train don’t stop here anymore too boss! Full steam ahead until lunch. Just a great start to the day. So great, in fact, you bizarrely reference Freddie and Elton without even intending to. It really is that great a start to the week. Monday morning has been embraced full-on! Can’t beat those kinds of days. To be true. Continue Reading »