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This Must Be The Place (Viceroy Edit) – Talking Heads

Mighty weekend. Went to a secret sale on Friday. Bought a pair of $200 jeans for $5. Came home. Tried them on. Drove my foot through the crotch. Down to the knee. Ripped jeans apart. Mighty. Money’s Worth Hayes, they call me.

DJigged Friday and Saturday all day and night. Managed not to taser any clowns and their moronic requests. ‘When are you going to play me MY SONG???’ screamed a drunk girl who I had never seen before. Which song? ‘MY SONG!!! It’s my birthday.’ Oh right, that one. Let me read your mind and get back to you. ‘Are you really going to ruin my night right now? ARE YOU??’ You need to name the song before it has a hope of being played. ‘I don’t know the name… It’s my favourite… I don’t know the name. When will you play it, next?‘ Sweet Lord grant me patience. Good old hoot.

Also had a fine spread in the Irish Examiner on Saturday. Likes somes, three pages are always better. Or so I’ve read. Being asked by folk where they can see or read it. Ergo, le blogaruu shall get a blast. Allowed to interview myself, which is always mighty. Only asked once to drop more names as well. Wuu. Click hither. Enjoy the gibber! -> Living The Dream!

California Sunset – Poolside

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