Not To Boast Or Anything, But I Have a Huge…

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That night I had another free audit of Aaron Speiser, just to see if he was the one I was going to go with, just to make sure, as he was the best so far, I decided I had better audit one more class for free, to make sure before I committed, which I would do next week. It worked, I can go again for free. The class starts about half an hour late, and when Aaron does arrive, he opens with this…”Sorry I’m late, sorry, sorry. The reason being, not to brag, its just the truth, I just saved a multi-million dollar movie from folding. I’m not saying it to impress you but thats the truth, millions of dollars would have been lost if I didn’t make a few calls. Gerard Butler, you know him right, from 300, isn’t he great, isn’t he really! He said he wouldn’t do the movie unless I go out and be on set the whole time and sort out the whole mess. What can I say, I’m a fire fighter, I’m not saying it to brag, but that’s how it is” Leaves out a deep breath and shrugs his shoulders apologetically, with immense modesty and finishes off with”And I have a huge, massive…” Well, maybe he didn’t say the last line but the rest was even a dumbed down version of the great work he’s doing. It was weird to see him physically pat himself on the back with his hand while he spoke but maybe he had the hiccups, who knows.

I thought maybe it was just the other class was a once-off where he spoke about him through all of it, but nay. “Would White Chicks not have been funnier if they did this or that? I told the Wayans to do that but they didn’t listen. They hired me for the whole movie and wouldn’t do it without me” All he needs now is his own blog and he’ll be up their with the rest of those annoying egotistical pricks, ha.

Lucky for me, I also picked a good seat next to a guy who loved to repeat jokes he had seen on a show on t.v the night before. And would forget the joke or situation half way through “Hang on, no, haha, it was so funny, what did he do again? He said, oh no, he actually said, or was it her that said it, haha, it was so funny, haha, wait ’til I tell you what she said, haha”. Shut the funk up and tell me the great joke on the t.v show I’ve never even heard of!!!! 

At least when Aaron Speiser gives tips, or forgets to talk about himself for a few minutes, he gives good advice. All pretty basic but he highlights it in the scene studies well…Don’t anticipate the lines – Sweat the details – Pick a role suited for you – Drop your inhibitions. He obviously develops these more for the specific scene but thats the jist. It was funny as well to hear the guy next to me critique a girl who did a scene putting on a terrible English accent(it was good) and then find out she was English(I knew it was good). It would appear to me as if the actors who are good seem to be sound, and the actors who are bad are the highly annoying, cruise ship all the way, ones. I’m obviously sound, ha.

Aaron Speiser knows a load about a load of small, small details – what happens when a girl wears high heels all day, body language for debating, what girls do when they bring a guy home…sweat the small details, it makes some difference!!!

Here’s a great song which I can no longer play in my house. It was on my first night, drinking with my roommates, playing songs on my iTunes, one of those…”This is a great song who sings it? Oh, I do, me and a few of my friends messing around” moments, I’m sure you know the one. And then they remember the next day and want you to sing it for them. It is savage though. Let it kick in and turn it up, funreal… You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos.

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