Sad Fran. Sigh. Here I Dumb…











The Wrestler – Bruce Springsteen

Tut. Sigh. Batman has his cave. Superman has that ice place. Ape boy man has San Fran. At least wuu to the huu for that certain ape boy man. Thankfully we all have a place to go when we need to write. And perhaps when we need to chill. Mighty for a mental break. Which in turn is mighty way to avoid a mental breakdown. I joke. Still a few years off that. Plan is to make various kinds of art. Not fall apart. Anyways, San Fran has been dancing. Start to finish. Which is tomorrow. Tut. Sad to leave. Came up for my cousin’s wedding. Congrats again. Ate. Drank. Was merry. Even more so when I saw an 82 year old Gran dominate the dance-floor at the afters. And I mean dominate. Knees up. Elbows out. Grooving on! Dance on Granny! Fun and soothing times in San Fran. Although perhaps coming up here is more of a symbol. See I’m not right in the middle of downtown San Fran. More a metaphorical hut in the hills. Cabin in the mountains. Zero distraction. Perfect getaway from the nutter-ness of L-Hey. Tut. Continue Reading »

Man. Up. Stand. Up. Up. & Away!

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Finishing the book is the goal at the momento. The only goal. Revising, chopping, writing, editing, cluelessness… a mighty hoot! Although, I’ve realised I’m not really a fan of reading back over all my mistakes to be true, ha. Onwards and upwards. And at various points I’ve at least recognised a need to focus. Recognition. Now would be as good as any time to recognise that once more!¬†However, New Year’s resolutions, not really a fan. Lucky if they make it out of January alive. Quickly dismissed. Fully disappear as the year goes on. Should’ve done that. Next year. Continued on for years and years. Learn Spanish? Learn a few songs on the old gee-tar? Still going strong since 1999! Wuu.¬†Another way to fool myself. Perhaps it’s because I keep them to myself. And, as a result, less accountable for them. However, this time last year I had no blogaruu. Re de de, no little pink diary for myself. And now, I do. Duu! Continue Reading »