Sad Fran. Sigh. Here I Dumb…











The Wrestler – Bruce Springsteen

Tut. Sigh. Batman has his cave. Superman has that ice place. Ape boy man has San Fran. At least wuu to the huu for that certain ape boy man. Thankfully we all have a place to go when we need to write. And perhaps when we need to chill. Mighty for a mental break. Which in turn is mighty way to avoid a mental breakdown. I joke. Still a few years off that. Plan is to make various kinds of art. Not fall apart. Anyways, San Fran has been dancing. Start to finish. Which is tomorrow. Tut. Sad to leave. Came up for my cousin’s wedding. Congrats again. Ate. Drank. Was merry. Even more so when I saw an 82 year old Gran dominate the dance-floor at the afters. And I mean dominate. Knees up. Elbows out. Grooving on! Dance on Granny! Fun and soothing times in San Fran. Although perhaps coming up here is more of a symbol. See I’m not right in the middle of downtown San Fran. More a metaphorical hut in the hills. Cabin in the mountains. Zero distraction. Perfect getaway from the nutter-ness of L-Hey. Tut.

Era Shur, Don't Be Rude!

Hanging out with Irish folk all the time has been mighty. Slower pace. Faster wit. (Not a slight against my buddies in Tassel town! Just the other randomers I may meet day-to-day. I. Swear. Sigh. Tut. Ahem). Anyways, different topics of conversation are on the agenda here. GAA. Weather. Parishes. Prices. Taoiseach. Idiots. Economy. Fish. And. Obviously. Tea. Endless chats. Endless cups. People coming and going in and out the door all the time in my cousin’s abode. Endless fresh pots and cups being made. Cup of tea… ? Only ever one answer… Era shur, why not? Rude not to. So you chug your half full cup of tea. And then hand it over for a fresh one. Seriously. Unless you’re Irish, you might not fully get the gist: We. Adore. Tea. Sad to no longer have these tea conversations for a while. Tut.

All of the above was a mighty change from the norm. The norm being the bizarre. So actually a mighty change from the bizarre. Which is now the norm? Ehhh… A break from always being on and always trying to clamber up the ladder. Zero talk about this break, or doing what, or trying this, or how about that. Just chilled. Just sat back. Just soaked it all up. Brain simmered. Soul danced. Mighty thoughts of gibber effortlessly streaming once more. Reading and writing has been mighty up here. Focused. Outlines made. Structures formed. Stand-up flowing (4 pages! Giddy up them steps!) Plans are being formulated. Reset button has been pressed. Me is being replenished!!! All in all, San Fran has been mighty beyond belief. Which is why I’m now sad. Tut.

Time For Some Maths... Fun!!!

If last week was a mini holiday, this week has been work on. Outlines have being gibbered out for a couple of different projects. Vagueness shall now cast her cloak over this paragraph but my brain has been releasing epiphanies all over the place. Or else they’ve finally decided to break out and run free. Either way, it has been mighty. Seeing as my gibber is flowing, I shall now attempt to give an example (Remember I basically know nada so just learn by numbers and books and Wikipedia and Google and then make up my own variation… )

So take one outline of a script I’ve been working on. Big bundle of material. Needed to put it into a properly structured flow. Compress. Spread out evenly. Nutshell it. Say it had to be laid out in a 3 act structure… Act I (Beginning) Act II (Middle) Act III (The End). Act I is meant to be half an hour, Act II is an hour and III is half an hour (estimates, obviously). So you could say I was aiming to split these three acts into twelfths (you’ll see why not into quarters). Ideally Act I would be 3/12ths, Act II 6/12ths and Act III 3/12ths. However, up until now, my flow has been stuck in this rut… Act I: 2/12ths; Act II 5/12ths; Act III 5/12ths. Fairly frustrating. Balls.

Lumps Of Gold

Well. Kind of. Until I got to work on it. Reading books. Watching movies. Didn’t really write anything. Until a movie I was watching (500 Days Of Summer, I think? Although maybe actually Private Parts, a bucket load have been watched all week) triggered a thought that was kind of like something from the chapter in the book that I was just reading at breakfast which made a plate in my brain move slightly providing an opening for the epiphany to jump out and break free and run loose and jump into the mouth of my inner voice and say… Why don’t I just make what’s going on in Act III part of what Act I is all aboot which in turn would make the movie more rounded and also nutshell it and more importantly then… It will all spread out evenly!!! At the time I wasn’t thinking in twelfths – more like in uneven lumps of gold – so it all sounds so simple now when said like above but it always is when you figure it out! Main point being: Problem solved! Good work, brain. The end, of the example.

Up, Up And L-Hey!!! 

Any of that make any sense to any one? Including myself? Nay. Not really. But maybe to someone it might’ve? And might even help!? No. Ok. (Figure out. Plough on!) Anyways… Back to San Fran. Sad to leave. Well. Maybe not. Maybe a tad sad but mostly just for the sake of using the title Sad Fran?! As you can see from my overuse of mighty and !!!s, San Fran has rejuvenated me. Happy on. Particularly as the best part of Sad Fran: Always pumps me up to go back to L.A! Pumped! Stand-up! Writing! Romance novels! Art club! And… Vague projects!?! Flight tomorrow. Elephants are trumpeting. Dumbo is returning! So like a gay pegasus would say as he left San Fran… Up up and L-Heeyyy!!!

(By the by. How good is the first song at making one a sad Francais?! Time to bounce back up… )

Castles In The Air – Bag Raiders

6 thoughts on “Sad Fran. Sigh. Here I Dumb…

  1. That first song is mighty indeed. I think you need to get up to “Sad Fran” a little more often. Cheers to your return!

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