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Finishing the book is the goal at the momento. The only goal. Revising, chopping, writing, editing, cluelessness… a mighty hoot! Although, I’ve realised I’m not really a fan of reading back over all my mistakes to be true, ha. Onwards and upwards. And at various points I’ve at least recognised a need to focus. Recognition. Now would be as good as any time to recognise that once more! However, New Year’s resolutions, not really a fan. Lucky if they make it out of January alive. Quickly dismissed. Fully disappear as the year goes on. Should’ve done that. Next year. Continued on for years and years. Learn Spanish? Learn a few songs on the old gee-tar? Still going strong since 1999! Wuu. Another way to fool myself. Perhaps it’s because I keep them to myself. And, as a result, less accountable for them. However, this time last year I had no blogaruu. Re de de, no little pink diary for myself. And now, I do. Duu!

What What? Is The Plan? 

Time to horse a few targets out there. Not really going to be ‘resolutions’ though. The word doesn’t hold much weight to me. Resolves nothing. Seeing as I’ve finally copped on that every man needs a plan I’ll work with that angle. Flexible but still some sort of an outline needed. Blog -> book -> sitcom -> movie. She has been out there for a while. Plan. My plan for this year. Sounds better in my head. Time to add in a few bits that I shall do, to keep my overall plan flowing along. As always, a flexible plan. Which now include the following, oddly attainable, goals. Most of them anyways…

1. Finish my book.

2. Release the beast into the wild.

3. Sell one million books. Or at least a big huge bucket of them. That’s where the flexible part of the plan might come into play.

4. Develop a one hour stand-up show. Aboot one third of the way there. Time wise at least. Come on the other two! Come on making the first one actually funny as well! Come. On.

5. Spread DJ’ing wings. Starting with Vegas. Global on! Oddly enough… well, I’ll hopefully come back to that.

6. Shoot enough scenes for at least one sitcom episode. At least one. Do-able. Very. Even if I do it myself. Technically, all I need, is a camera.

7. Write at least one spec script. I have harped on about this for far too long. Better not be my new Spanish.

8. Eat a cake. Seriously. One big cake. There is a reason.

9. Have more of a laugh. Top the highs of last year. It shall be done.

Going well until the last couple. Gibber and generic took over it seems. Nicely set myself up by listing the rest out too I just realised. I’m in now so I should probably round it off to an even number while I’m at it. Might as well go all ape and throw a profoundly stupid one…

10. Moan less. Embrace more! Wuu. Well done.

Actually, I think I may have spouted that out to a girl on New Year’s Eve. She did bizarrely ask me for a new life motto though. Ha, quite the ape I can be, go on the flashbacks. Speaking of which, enough of this line of gibberish, I have a few good stories about my new ear that I must rattle out! However, first, a convenient song which Genius has delivered…

Cigarettes & Alcohol – Oasis

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