Dropping E!


Loser – Beck

Mighty news: Randumb is now available as an e-book! Isn’t that just absolutely fabulous and wonderful news! I know. Amazing start to your day! Apologies for the delay. (All those thousands uponĀ thousands who’ve been looking for the e-book version, that is.) Good hoot waiting around for others to do nothing. Highly recommend it. Ahem. Nay. Decided to just sort it out myself. E-book all the way!!

Anything else… Cough. Oh yeah. My birthday is today! Cough. Don’t worry if you forgot though. Instead of buying me a present. Cough. You could just buy Randumb for yourself. E-book price is my present to you! I know. Way too nice!

You can buy all sorts of formats through Smashwords. Hopefully the Kindle version through Amazon is good to go by the time you’re reading this. Even better. Hopefully you’re actually not even reading this as you’ve gone to buy it already. Wuu. My one birthday wish: One million e-books sold! Realistic enough.

Smashwords -> Only $2.99!

Amazon – > Only $2.99!

Birthday. On!

P.S Anyone in Ireland reading, check out the Sunday Independent today. 7 page spread feature exclusive in depth interview with yours truly. Apparently. Duu!

P.P.S How genius is the cartoon!? Get it? Ahem. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dropping E!

  1. Wile E Coyote…Super Genius! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May the Wu Tang Clan smile upon your parade today. Sorry I missed the party! Cheers!

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