Free The E!!!


Murmurs Of Middle-Earth – Pogo

Short and sweet. First of all, remember I gibbered on before about free books for all? Well. How about some ebooks for some?! Simply Facebook status or tweet this simple tweet to be in for a chance to win. Leave a comment to say you’ve done it! I’ll horse out five or ten free Randumb ebooks to readers or tweeters…

Oh Betsy!! How I want to win some free Randumb books… Free The E!!! #Randumb #On! FreeTheE!!!

Or if you prefer to support the cause and buy it, you can do so here and there. Also. Here’s the article about me in the Sunday Independent this weekend. Some reactions to the article before you read:

  • Photo makes you look less feeble than you usually do – Cheers!
  • Article kind of makes you look gay – Why thank you.
  • Shocking picture of you. You look brutal – Very kind.
  • You sound simple. Why do you sound so simple? – Huhhhh… ?
  • Read the article… Very good! – Hm.

Mostly the reaction was the last one. Although at least a few people did manage to see the real me. Except. The word sneering has never left my lips. And. No clue where that photo actually came from? Who took that?! Expecting it to be one of my lying on a beach. Or else one of me staring like a simpelton into the sky. Not a pirate. Pre-tty odd, to be true. Anyways. Read along. Comment on! Free those E!

PDF Version Click Here -> Day In The Life

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