How Did Stella Get Her Groove Back… ?

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Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) – Phoenix

Just got back from DJigging a big charity event. Also known as a D lister party. D-listers. D-lusters. Reality show heads. Famous ex-wives. People in commercials. Rich old men. Young empty women. Desperate older women, out looking for husbands. Empty. Vapid. Fake. Gift bags. Mighty fun! Thank funk I was DJigging. At least I discovered that romance novels are a great ice-breaker. Got home. Done. Dusted. Dancing? Eh. Nay. Kind of has me pondering. How’s my plan going? You know. Every man needs a plan, plan. So. In the past month I have:

  • Boozed
  • Danced
  • DJ’igged
  • Boozed
  • Been a single parent
  • Been a tour guide
  • Been a host
  • Boozed
  • Watched intense Harrison Ford movies
  • Watched brooding Keanu Reeves movies
  • Criticised movies I’ve never even seen
  • Boozed
  • Watched stand-up
  • Watched soccer matches
  • Played soccer matches
  • Enjoyed pool days
  • Lounged about
  • Boozed
  • Read romance novels
  • Read scripts
  • Read books about writing
  • Prepared for writing
  • Boozed
  • Ate
  • Slept
  • Flown around
  • Boozed
  • Did this
  • Did that
  • Paid rent early
  • Almost ended up being on a really big TV show
  • Went on a sunbed

Along with a few other bits and pieces. Showering. Emailing. Shaving, and the likes. Good laugh of a month. I suppose. However…

In the past month I have not really:

  • Blogged
  • Vlogged
  • Podded
  • Wrote
  • Stood-up
  • Finished my second book
  • Properly started my second book
  • Finished a script
  • Gymed
  • Been focused
  • Been disciplined
  • Ended up on a really big TV show
Book On!

So as I said, good laugh of a month. However, not really fully fulfilling. Not much to show. Which is not good enough, to be true. The other day my friend told me a story out of the blue. Couple of years ago she had a photo shoot which she wanted to nail. If it went well, it’d lead to her booking a big campaign. Trained like a gladiator. Gymed. Stayed off the booze. Looked after herself. Worked like a horse. Slept like a donkey. Prime condition. Perfect shape. Bounced into the photo shoot! Clickity click. Nailed. Done. Dancing! Mighty. Landed the massive national campaign. Hello big buckets of money and prestige, how, ever, are, you?

Job. Done. And. Done. Until. The next big gig came along. Needed to prepare once again. This time, even more. Dose. Not a fan. Why so? Well, she knew how much work it took. Knew she could do it. Just knowing how much work to go through again was a dose. Still. Had to be done. Interesting. Kind of like me and this second book, perhaps. Big chunk of work to write the first one. Know I have it in me. But I do know what an undertaking it is. Ergo, I’ve been having the month I’ve had. Delaying. Procrastinating. Aping around. Living life, in a way. Passing away days, in another. Time to change that. Time to get back in my groove. Not too sure how Stella got her groove back. Never saw the movie. Probably as Harrison Ford isn’t in it. However. I do know how to get mine back. Booze off. Discipline on. Baby steps. One: Blogaruu. Two: Start book two. Three: Finish book. Just started it actually. Book two shall be called… ? Guess. Duu!

(Unless I’ve already told you the name, then maybe don’t guess here. Thank duu.)

I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston

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