Oh Betsy…


Everything Is Everything – Lauryn Hill

Rattled, to say the least. New Year’s. Cat allergies. Ape man flu type thing which keeps rearing it’s horrendous head. Not feeling the May West. Betsy. Brain is working at 10%, at most. Now would be a great time to mock me. Probably have a comeback thought of by Wednesday. Quip me with your mocking stick. Quip me. First blogaruu of 2011. Amazing, I know. 2010 has been a mighty year. It is what you make of it, if you ask me. People seem to enjoy complaining at this time of year. Actually blame the year for all their bad luck, woes, misfortunes, etc. Perhaps the year was not at fault. Perhaps. Think aboot that, Moaning Marys. Not a big fan of looking back, as when I did it for the book, it involved a lot of dredging. Ending up waist high in my mind’s swamp. However, I will go back to the blogaruu I wrote exactly this day one year ago. A mighty blog where I decided it was “Time to horse a few targets out there. Not really going to be ‘resolutions’ though. The word doesn’t hold much weight to me. Resolves nothing.” I knew writing the targets down would eventually have a use! Everyman needs a plan. So. How did I get on…

1. Finish my book.
Wuu. Done and dumb! Good start. Any year when you write your first book must be mighty! Sequel on!!!

2. Release the beast into the wild.
Oh Betsy. Two for duu! Randumb ran wild and free. Like no other before. Run on, you dumb beast!

3. Sell one million books.
Ehhmmm. To be honest, I have no clue. As in zero clue. A question I get asked quite a lot these days… How many copies have you sold? And I am sure people think I’m lying when I say I have no clue. Actually don’t. My publishers have me in the dark. Which is nice. Pre-tty sure if I did sell one million already, I would get a plaque of some sort. But you knows?! Perhaps I did. Let’s just say, 2 out of 3.

4. Develop a one hour stand-up show.
Balls. Not fully as developed as I intended. On the way though. And a big part of the plan for 2011… To become the funniest Irish stand-up in the world! All I need to do is work on the performance part of it. Deliver the jokes exactly as I want to. And write another 55 or so minutes of quality material. That’s all. Let’s just say this is target is in development. Foundations, there to be laid!

5. Spread DJ’ing wings. Starting with Vegas. Global on!
Decided DJigging was mighty for numerous reason but most importantly it allowed me to… Avoid becoming a rent boy, by enabling me to pay my rent. If it continues to do this, I can not complain. Anything else is be a bonus. Vegas… I managed to fly there on a private jet? That’ll do nicely for now! Moving on…

6. Shoot enough scenes for at least one sitcom episode.
Slowly but surely? But it is a process, so on the way. Foundations are being laid! Calm down. She is in development.

7. Write at least one spec script.
Working on a few sitcom ones. Working on a potential dancer of a movie one. However, sometimes things don’t always move at the pace you want. Patience, you ape, patience. Is what I have been telling myself. Again… In development.

8. Eat a cake.
Failed. Although I did pretend to eat a pancake yesterday. Cut it up. Moved it around the plate. Took a bite. Just not to be rude to the chef. That’ll do me. Not too pushed about this big target.

9. Have more of a laugh. Top the highs of last year. It shall be done!
Bit vague. But. I do believe it was achieved! Lows might be lower but the highs are higher. All part of the adventure, to be true. A mighty year for laughter!

10. Moan less. Embrace more!
Another one I think I can tick off. This whole bright side of things is a mighty little dancer. I would highly recommend it. Bull-sugar happens. Plough on!

Anyways, that’s the list from last year. This year shall revolve around:

  1. Stand-Up
  2. Book Sequel
  3. Mockumentary
  4. Scripts
  5. DJigging
  6. Make Art!

Not a shabby list. We shall see. Just be me. 2011 shall be all aboot getting stuff done, as opposed to being a busy fool. Future’s bright, the future’s green!! Betsy.

Difficult – Uffie

6 thoughts on “Oh Betsy…

  1. Have you never eaten cake? Or was your goal to eat an ENTIRE cake? Or is this some obscure reference and I’ve, once again, succumbed to my gullible side?

    • Ha, the goal was to eat an entire cake. Failed. Fully. Used to eat alles but then decided to eat what I had to so I could booze what I want. Highly dodge plan!

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