Me. Naked. Leprechaun.


Lord of the Dance – Enya

Oh Betsy. RanDumber is out. People are buying her. And she is being read. What a day. All together now… Mighty!!! To celebrate, here’s some video gibber…

Also, just found out someone has now leaked the first five chapters in total. What what?! For feck’s sake… Might as well read seeing that they’re out there.

Read the first five chapters of RanDumber -> CLICK!

If you’d like to buy RanDumber -> SNAP HER UP!

For the Kindle -> SNAP ON!

For those in the UK -> GIDDY UP!

Finally, RanDumb is free for the next three days > WEE HUU!

The Irish Rover – The Pogues & The Dubliners

5 thoughts on “Me. Naked. Leprechaun.

  1. Grrrrreat video !!
    Book ordered on Amazon this morning, has been advised a few hours ago that my book has been shipped, and what do I see at the end of the email : estimated delivery date : Wednesday May 2, 2012 ! O_o
    I feel I’ll need more & more videos to wait until then !! xD

  2. Glad to be making you happy inside. And I can honestly say I am still reading and still laughing. So far, so funny. x

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