Tree Things

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Firstly, if anyone is interested to know, I managed to get the second act of my episode on paper today. The whole thing, outline, dialogue, actions etc. In one day. It has taken me over a week to get the first act out of the way. I am confident I can get the third and final act started, and finished, by tomorrow. Pretty amazing what an actual, set deadline can do to get me into gear. Happy enough. I also have plans formulated for what to do, once I go back to L.A on Sunday. Plan A, B, and even, if needed, a C. Although one of them might include me just boozing and blowing all my remaining money as quickly as I can. But thats only if Plan A doesn’t work. Obviously.

Secondly, there is a big huge tree right outside the front steps of the cabin in the mountains (apartment in San Francisco) where I am staying at the moment. Every time I leave the house, I almost walk into that tree, or at least trip over one of it’s big, protruding roots. I left the house a couple of times today, strangely. And did not notice that the tree was gone. Fully. Roots and all. It had to be pointed out to me. Made me realize, I do not really notice big things.

However, earlier today, I was also going through notebooks of notes which I have taken recently. This led me to see, that I notice very small and insignificant things. Such as: if I think that someone, who is younger than me, is trying to say something profound, I will immediately stop listening and zone out. The same goes if someone, who, again, is younger than me, is attempting to give me advice. I will nod along, and pretend to mull it over, but inevitably I will not heed it, instead simply brush it away. Unless, of course, it is profound. Ha, stupid logic, but something that occurred to me today.

And finally, I also figured out that I love to recommend songs to people. Over and over, I will attempt to get people to listen to this song, or listen to that song, seeing as I think it is savage/funreal, surely they will too. If the person dismisses it, or does not enthusiastically give it a thumbs up, I will take it personally for a moment or two.On the other hand, if someone recommends a song to me, without me asking, I will simply pretend to listen to it. Max, I will give it 20 seconds. And probably not like it. Until a few weeks later, when I stumble upon it by my own accord, and listen to it fully. Then, and only then, more often than not, I will finally admit “Should’ve listen to Z about this one, pretty funking savage/funreal”. Again, pretty illogical.

My head is goosed from writing all day, so I will keep this blogaruu short and shour. Finishing with this question… does anyone know anything about ringtone, copyrights, obtaining them, using them, etc? Not ones that are actual songs made into ringtones. More the crap generic ones of most phones. Just out of curiosity.

Song of the day, which is actually not really savage, just very good, in a chilled way, is…

Northern Lights by Bowerbirds

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