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Last week I started to wonder if I was spreading myself too thin, and not focusing enough on one specific area. Acting, it seems, is on the back burner big time. That’ll come, in my own head at least. This week I have 4 gigs, 3 DJ and 1 stand-up. These take a bit of time to prepare for, so I was wondering if I was taking on too much, trying to do all the re-writes, new stuff, visa issues and all that, at the same time. Plus there was all the usual daily stuff  – sleeping, eating, gyming, blogging etc. I was purely making up excuses for myself though. Not only was this going against my L.A mantra  of “Many fingers in many pies” kind of thing, but it is mostly just me not utilizing my time as efficiently as I should. Today, is a prime example!

I mentioned yesterday that I have started to give birth to the first proper re-write of the sitcom episode which I am working on. Proper re-write since I got feedback from different sources and asked to make changes. However, even though I said I was pushing hard for the creative spark to ignite, and thought I saw the head coming out, it has become apparent that it might be a long labour. A long, arduous labour. That was my mission today, to start on the first scene, make some sort of progress.

Unfortunately, I made the call to get two minor things on my to-do list out of the way first in the morning. These have been on the list for ages, so finally gave in. First, get my camera fixed. Thanks to the highly competitive Irish prices to fix a minor problem in my camera, it turns out it’ll be cheaper to just buy a new one. Second on the list, was something I do twice a year perhaps. No, not that, I should be so lucky to do it twice in one year. Obviously, it was to get a haircut. On paper, should be grand. An hour tops. However, I can make quite a mountain out of a bird’s nest.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Two things stand out the most for me about Vegas. Number 1 is the heat. Unbelievable. Number 2 is the fact that a lot of girls there actually chat you up. It is weird. Until you realize that they are in the same profession as Roxanne. So much so, that you end up suspecting that any girl you talk to will just whip out a price list for their services, within 3 minutes of them approaching you. Great fun. They were the top 2 things I remembered about Vegas. A distant third, was how good the mirrors in the hotel room made you look. It was beyond a joke. After a 10 hour drive, with no sleep the night before, the mirrors somehow conned you into thinking you were looking alright, acceptable at least. Vegas wouldn’t know what hit it! Only when you catch your reflection on a slots machine in the casino downstairs, is it that you get the true picture, of how horrific you are actually looking.

There was a point for that tangent. I am convinced that they use the same mirrors in hairdressers. I never have any notion of how bad my haircut is initially, until I get home. The deceiving lights, the friendly small talk, and the well placed smiles, do not show the full extent of how bad your hair actually looks. I am more at ease going into surgery, than I am at getting a haircut in Ireland. With good reason too. After coming out of the hairdresser today, thinking it had went well, I arrived home to look at this in the mirror…


Not what I was expecting. Well hair wise anyways, I’m used to the facial imperfections. Thankfully, I did something that I haven’t really done before. Seeing as I had so much fun doing it the first time, I went straight back in to get another haircut. What fun! The girl who cut it the first time was sound, and didn’t mind fixing it for me. I wonder if hairdressers would give a refund? Anyways, this time, I noticed a big difference was in the amount of small talk we had. It got chopped. Again, no real clue what it actually looked like in real life, only the Vegas style mirrors to work with. When I got home the second time, this is what was looking back at me in the mirror…


Before you ask, yes, I did lie down like that in front of the mirror when I got home. Could be worse, I’ll take a woman’s haircut over a scarecrow’s one. The whole affair did remind me of what I should always remember before I go to a hairdresser in Ireland… It will grow back, and, bring a hat. As you can see, I managed to waste a good lump of my day, doing something fairly meaningless and pointless. Good to start getting them all out of my system really. Push!

Song for today…


Etoile Pollaire (Remix) - Philip Glass